What We Do

Promote 'housekeeping' as a professional career.

A platform to exchange, sharing information and ideas.

Organise industrial visits, networking events and trade visits.

Meet and give talks or briefs to hospitality students and promote housekeeping as career.

Develop and contribute training programs for housekeeping jobs.

Perform and promote Corporate Social Responsibilities activities.

Malaysia Association of Housekeepers (MAHIR) is a non-profitable association run by elected volunteering professionals, mostly experienced hoteliers. A network of professional housekeeper association established in the year of 2004. It serves as a common platform for knowledge sharing, continual development and support of all fellows Housekeeping Executives. It is a neural network of a group of passionate and determined Housekeeping Executives representatives from various hotels and the members later expanded to hospitals, facilities management and cleaning vendors.

Many dreamed of checking into luxury hotels. Rarely anyone would dream of cleaning the luxury hotels. Housekeeping department serves as the hospitality back-of-the-house support division, 24 hours service a day, 365 days a year. We are devoted to provide our services with a huge impact towards the overall reputation and success in the hospitality industry. As hospitality housekeeping leaders, we hope to create more  awareness to the future hospitality generation to welcome potentials of this challenging  industry.

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