19-22 September 2023

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Food & Hotel Malaysia is pleased to announce our collaboration with the Malaysian Association of Housekeepers (MAHIR)! Our joint efforts will involve a series of activities aimed at increasing public awareness and recognizing the efforts and dedication of custodial employees in the industry.

As part of our commitment to elevating industry standards to even greater heights, we offer practicing housekeepers an opportunity to connect, learn, and develop their full potential. Stay tuned for more information on our exciting programme!

“This year Malaysian Association of Housekeepers (MAHIR) has the golden opportunity to work with FHM 2023. We believe that when two brands combine resources or share expertise, we will achieve the next level of marketing our brands. In this case, strategic alliances especially when two brands combine resources or share expertise in order to build new interest in the market.

MAHIR members unanimously agree that working together with FHM 2023 is the most effective way to build the association and boost awareness. By organising the hospitality workshop and competitions are one of the ways to expose to the industry all the interesting activities housekeeping department does daily.

Many dreamed of checking in luxury hotels. Rarely anyone would dream of cleaning the luxury hotels. Housekeeping is always the hospitality back of house support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are devoted to provide our services in a huge way towards the overall reputation and success in the hospitality industry. As hospitality housekeeping leaders, we hope to create more job awareness for the future generation to see the potential of this challenging cleaning industry.”

Ms. Ava Tan Mei Hoong

President of Malaysia Association of Housekeepers (MAHIR)

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